Thursday, February 10, 2011


For Super Bowl Sunday, Lou's baby sister came down to watch the game. And by baby sister we mean a lovely, red-headed 25-year-old lady married to a super swell guy. Sis has some food allergies so we wanted to avoid things with wheat and eggies. We landed on PW's Potato Skins (p. 22). 

We started with eight, large russet potatoes. Lou brushed canola oil on the spuds.

These were placed on a large baking sheet and baked at 400 degrees for one hour.

This gave us time to cheer on fellow Kansas State alum Jordy Nelson, now a star player with the Green Bay Packers. Woot for Jordy! 

Next we sliced the (very hot) potatoes in half, removing the flesh. Canola oil was brushed on the inside of the potatoes. These were placed back in the oven for seven minutes per side.

Believe it or not, that's Jo's head and Lou's hands. We've got talent and the same skin tone, apparently. Have we mentioned Kansas has not been super sunny this winter? Case in point.

In the meantime, we fried the bacon. 'Ummy! That's 'yummy' in The Bean's vernacular.

We diced green onions and prepared shredded cheese.

We learned well from our mommas that sharing is nice. We couldn't help but share with The Bean as he was cute and constantly asking for more cheese.

Once the 'taters were done, we topped them first with cheese, then bacon. We returned them to the oven to allow the cheese to melt.

Once that was finally done (Oh! The agony!), a spoonful of sour cream, and its spoon, somehow ended up on the floor. Our live vacuum sweeper helped us out. She forgot the tiny little crumbs surrounding her, though. Maybe Jo should vacuum with her electric vacuum sweeper.

 A dollop of sour cream was added, along with a sprinkle of green onions. And what you got there, folks, is perfect Super Bowl food.

Uncle He-Man and Mr. Fabuful grilled up some awesome burgers (out in the snow, mind you). Sis contributed with her gluten-and-egg free Chocolate Cupcakes ('ello, Cupcakes!). They truly were wonderful. Who knew taking eggs and flour out of a recipe (and adding obscene amounts of Crisco) could result in such a moist, perfectly cake-y cupcake. See here for your viewing pleasure.

A lovely, manly evening of football, starchy goodness, beef and Crisco was had by all.

Happily Full,


  1. Those were GREAT taters. And you didn't even boil them, mash them, or put them in a stew... ;) Yum to my tum!

  2. As I was perusing my google reader at the "BC of dawn" {as my lovely sons are prone to say} I thought this was PW's blog, until I saw that cute little Bean! I immediately hooped and hollered and Papa S came running. Thanks for a 'ummy post! ;)

  3. Glad you were with us, Jenni. And, glad you enjoyed the post, Vickie!