Monday, April 25, 2011

Asparagus...Who Knew?

That's right. Who knew asparagus could be so tasty? We have already been asparagus fans, but our happy idea in seasoning really ramped up the asparagus-eating experience.

We needed something to accompany our rib-eye steaks last weekend. And, unlike the fact that we forgot peaches are not in season, we knew asparagus was in season. We have sauteed asparagus before, but Jo had the ingenious idea of roasting the asparagus.

We started by cutting off the woody ends.

Next we lined a baking sheet with tin foil and drizzled some olive oil onto the foil. Then we rinsed the asparagus and laid it in a single layer on top of the foil.

More olive oil was poured over the asparagus.

Lou generously sprinkled salt and pepper.

We decided these little asparagi needed a little kick. At first we thought we'd go to our now old friend, Mr. Cayenne, but then opted for Senor Smoked Chipotle Powder. Oh dear. We are awesome. Excuse us, we got carried away. We mean to say we loved the ground chipotle pepper. Best decision of the day.

Next best decision of the day? Roasting the asparagus. This was put into the oven for 30 minutes at 400 degrees.

When you remove the roasted asparagus from the oven, it will look a little shriveled. Do not be discouraged. The roasting softens the plant and makes for yummy, toasty tips. These were a big hit with the fellas (and us ladies, of course).

Happily full,


  1. Ooh, I bet this was good! I like roasting asparagus with garlic salt as well. Yummy!

  2. Oh goodie!! Now I have the recipe. And I can attest that this is totally delicious!! Love the choice of Chipotle powder.