Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Soul Food

So if it's not obvious by now, we and our fellas like food. We like to eat it. We like to make it. We like to look at it. And we like to eat it.

We also realize we are very blessed to live in the part of the world with an abundance of food. Living in the Breadbasket of America, food is often something that we can take for granted. Both of us have traveled to different parts of the world and have seen poverty and hunger first-hand. Since we're doing a food blog, we thought it would be a good idea to feature organizations that give everyday people like us a chance to make a difference, both locally and around the world.

El Dorado, Kansas, is home to an extraordinary organization called Numana. Numana helps local volunteers package meals that are sent to areas affected by disaster or dire poverty. For example, Lou volunteered with her local church to help package 137,000 meals for Haiti after the earthquake last year.

Numana's operation runs like a well-oiled machine. Volunteers are organized by table. Each person is given a specific job. The best part is anyone from age two to age one-hundred-and-two can help with this process. Each table is responsible for packaging meals containing rice, beans and spices. These meals are nutrient rich and are easy to prepare in places with few resources.

The fun part: wearing gigantic aprons and hair nets. The other fun part: the gigantic gong that is rung every time another 10,000 packets of meals are packaged. Will work for gongs.

If you are interested in volunteering for or donating to Numana, please check out their website.

Thankfully full,


  1. A very timely post! Thanks, girls!

  2. Thanks!
    Very well said! And very encouraging to all the staff of Numana!

    Rick McNary - CEO, Numana

  3. Thanks, Vickie!

    Rick, we're glad we could be an encouragement to your staff. We're excited to see the work Numana continues to do. It just shows what can happen when God gives us a vision for something better!