Monday, August 8, 2011

Breakfast for Lupper

This past Sunday we made Ree Drummond's PW Breakfast Burritos (p. 51), which contain her Basic Breakfast Potatoes (p. 48). We were feeling industrious, conquering two recipes in one blow. And, admittedly, we were feeling
a bit behind. We have 41 recipes to complete in about 19 weeks of the remaining year. Heaven help us, folks. That's a lot of food. Woof. We thought these burritos would be the perfect after-church throw-together dinner.

Confession. We missed church on Sunday. Not purposely, mind you. Church is important to us. Jo's alarm failed to be on (aka - she forgot to turn it on), and the electricity went off at Lou's house. We blame the huge party from the previous evening for our lethargy. The reason being, The Bean's second birthday party.

So, here are our Bedside Baptist Burritos.

Confession. We did not bake these potatoes in the oven for 45 minutes as Ree instructs. We missed that small detail when reading over the recipe, and it was already 1:30 Sunday afternoon when we were beginning our process. Jo came to the rescue with her nifty baked-potato bag for the microwave. In about five minutes our potatoes were ready to go.

We diced up seven Yukon gold potatoes and one onion.

We put a little oil and Crisco in a skillet along with the diced onion, and allowed the onion to caramelize.

Next, we sauteed the potatoes with the onion. These were salted and peppered. Ree suggests gently pressing the potato mixture to the bottom of the skillet so one side browns. Now here's the kicker. We're begging you to try this next part. As the potatoes are browning, she recommends sprinkling the top with flour and paprika.

Then, when you flip the potatoes, with the floured-side down, the potatoes become wonderfully crispy as they brown. See what we mean?

We removed the potatoes to a bowl. We used the same skillet to begin the burrito part of our dinner. We browned breakfast sausage with sage. Smells fantastic if you've never given it a go.

A diced red bell pepper was a part of the mix. Lately we've been obsessed with Joy the Baker's blog and photos. We decided to be like Joy and take an aerial view. Trendy. What say you?

Then Lou added the potatoes and bell pepper to the sausage.

Meanwhile, Jo mixed twelve eggs, half-and-half, Lawry's seasoned salt and pepper.

Into this mixture went Monterrey Jack cheese and our very own herb-garden garlic chives. We felt fancy. Like Fancy Nancy.

The egg mixture was poured in to the potato mixture and slowly cooked at a low temperature.

We gently folded the burrito mixture to prevent the eggs from burning to the bottom of the pan.

Finally, we rounded up our favorite Tabascos, a bunch of tortillas and our favorite guys. And, enjoyed a tasty lupper at 2:15 p.m. A lovely day of rest it was.

Through our own personal experimentation we discovered these burritos are great with sour cream, picante sauce or sriracha. These hit the spot any time of day.

Have a cheerful week!

Happily full,

P.S. You know how much we love barbecue, potatoes, the works. Here's a chance to enjoy those things for a good cause. Numana is hosting a Western-themed fundraiser on August 27 at Prairie Rose Chuckwagon just northeast of Wichita in Benton, Kan. Food and family-friendly entertainment will be provided. Check Numana's website for details!

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  1. It is always good to have favorite guys with a good meal...or anytime, for that matter!