Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Humble...We mean, Crumble Pie

Many moons ago, we made Ree's Flat Apple Pie (p. 216). We are just now getting around to telling you about this delicious concoction. If you have her book, and you compare her photos to ours...oh my. You will find that our crust is much more crumbly than hers. Thankfully, it tasted very good.

We started by rolling out a frozen pie crust. This crust was the remaining half from Ree's Perfect Pie Crust, which we somehow made quite imperfectly.

Next, Uncle He-Man impressed us with his manly apple-peeling skills.

The apples were diced into smaller pieces.

They were mixed with lemon juice, flour, white and brown sugars and salt.

We then attempted (used very loosely) to fold the edges of the crust up and around the apple mixture. Instead of neat folds, it looked more like a tiny bulldozer had moved miniature boulders to create tiny piles of dough and apple. The perfectionists in us were absolutely miserable, but it was so ridiculous-looking, we had to laugh.

Our Quasimodo was placed in the oven at 375-degrees for approximately 30 minutes. While our little hunchback isn't a beauty, he still tasted good. He was just rustic, and just right.

Happily full,

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