Monday, October 31, 2011

Cowgirl Dinner Party: The Sabetha Chronicles, Part Four

Did you know that if you mouth the phrase, "Olive juice," to someone across the room, it looks like you've just told them, "I love you"? If you're not ready to commit, we don't suggest it. Although, Mr. Fabuful really does do this to Jo. And, he's serious on both accounts. What does this have to do with the price of eggs? Nothing. Except, we did make Olive Cheese Bread (p.206) for our Sabetha Cowgirl Dinner Party.

Lou is not a big olive fan, and even she liked this bread. It made for a fantastic appetizer as our guests arrived.

We started by roughly chopping the black and green olives.

We diced green onions and mixed these with Monterey Jack cheese, softened butter, mayonnaise and added the olives.

Then we sliced two lovely loaves of French bread length-wise and spread our fine concoction liberally on the halves of bread.

Each half was placed in a tin foil boat, finely crafted by Lou, Jo and Janice. This was placed in the bottom of the oven, underneath some un-named food we were preparing (we believe it was the tenderloin). They baked at approximately 325-degrees for approximately 20 minutes. It's hard to say exact numbers since the bread was bunking up with the un-named food.

Once it was removed from the oven, we let the bread cool, then sliced it. We served it on the deck while our guests avoided the burning olive oil (again, from the un-named food) and the maniacal fire alarm. At least the alarm works. We're just helpful like that.

Everybody loved the olive cheese bread. As Ree suggests, the mixture is also good with crackers. Don't worry, we tried it.

Olive juice.

Happily full,

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