Monday, October 24, 2011

Cowgirl Dinner: The Sabetha Chronicles, Part Three

We decided that there should be a new candle scent called, "Burgundy Mushrooms", because this is how lovely and fragrant these little guys are. When you walk through the house and smell a pot of Ree's mushrooms boiling, all you want to do is sit down and eat a chunk of meat. And eat like a crazy person. So, imagine our salivating all day as these mushrooms cooked for nine - yes, nine - hours.

For the Pioneer Woman Burgundy Mushrooms (p. 203) we started by washing four pounds of white button mushrooms, placing them in a large pot.

Next, we added two sticks of butter (holla!) and poured in one liter of Burgundy wine (oo-la-la!).

Then the seasonings were added. These included Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, chicken and beef bouillon, dill seed and garlic powder. We also added two cups of boiling water.

This was brought to a boil. We just kind of stood there and watched it. It was rather mesmerizing. Oh, and it did start boil. We defied the phrase, "A watched pot never boils." So there.

We covered them and let them simmer for six hours. Then we removed the lid and allowed them to simmer for three hours. Salt was added, to taste.

These were plated and served with the roasted beef tenderloin and other divine dishes at our Cowgirl Dinner Party. 'Shroomin' it up, country style.

Even if you're not a big fungi fan, these are certainly worth a try. Your home will smell heavenly.

Happily full,


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