Thursday, November 17, 2011

Does twice-baked equal twice-as-good?

In short. Yes.

About a month ago, we made Ree Drummond's Twice Baked Potatoes (p. 152).

We were feeding a small crowd of approximately nine people. The fellas grilled some burgers, and we, of course, needed a tasty side dish. These 'taters hit the spot.

We started by washing the potatoes and lathering them with canola oil.

See Lou's scary parafin-wax-alien-like hand? There's no clean way to put canola oil on a potato. These were baked for 45 minutes at 400-degrees. In theory. We deferred to our own directions and baked the potatoes for 45 minutes, but at 350-degrees. Jo no longer is allowed to pre-heat the oven. It's a miracle either of us made it out of the seventh grade because we do not follow directions worth a lick. Sorry, Ree.

Next we diced and fried some bacon.

This was mixed with butter, sour cream, milk, pepper and seasoned salt.

Once the potatoes were finally done cooking, we played hot potato and sliced them in half, lengthwise.

Next came possibly the most frustrating part of the process. Spooning out the guts of the potato, or the flesh for the more refined, proved to be difficult. If anyone has any suggestions for how to do this neatly, without tearing up the potato skins, please let us know. Perhaps baking them at the proper temperature would help. We did find that a serrated grapefruit spoon made things a bit easier.

The potato flesh was added to the bacon mixture and mashed together. We needed extra mashing power, so Lou girded her loins and stood on a step stool to mash more efficiently. What we lack in upper-body strength we make up for in innovation. Perhaps our engineering-minded men are rubbing off on us.

Next we added cheese. This was followed by green onions. Once everything was thoroughly combined, we spooned the mixture back into the potato skins. These were topped with more grated cheese and baked for 10-15 more minutes.

We had some potato mixture left over, so we put the remainder into a 9x9 baking dish and topped it with more grated cheddar.

These were a huge hit with our little group. The skins were nice and crisp while the filling was creamy. Delightful.

Happily full,

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