Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My guess is you will like Migas

Several weeks ago, we made Ree Drummond's Migas (p. 61), which is a Southwestern breakfast dish. It's full of tasty veggies, eggs, cheese and crispy, fried corn tortillas.

Don't tell your mom you're eating corn chips for breakfast.

We began by dicing tomatoes, onion and beautiful bell peppers. This was followed by a chopped jalepeno. Lou did not squirt the juice up her nose this time.

Next we mixed twelve eggs and some half-and-half.

For the third step we fried several corn tortillas, until they were nice and crunchy. These were sliced into pieces. Thus, the corn chips for breakfast.

As you've come to know with each recipe, we tend to make a mistake. Spoiler alert. We made another mistake. Ree's instructions, at this point, say to cook the onion and pepper in butter and olive oil. Well. We, on the other hand, saw the pretty picture of vegetables in the book and tossed all of our vegetables into the skillet, including the watery tomatoes. Humph. While this did nothing to ruin the taste, it did make our concoction slightly soggier than it needed to be. Oh well.

Next we tossed in the tortilla chips.

This was followed by the egg mixture. The egg mixture began to cook on the bottom. We carefully turned the mixture with a spatula.

Once the eggs were done, we topped the dish with wonderful Monterey Jack cheese and cilantro.

Our guys really liked this hearty dish - as did we ladies. With the exception of the fried tortillas, it's really quite healthy. You could choose to leave out the tortilla chips, but they truly did add a nice dimension of flavor to the dish, as well as a great, crunchy texture. Salud!

Happily full,

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