Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mr. Fabuful's Egg-in-the Hole

Whelp. So, as we're sure you've guessed, we're blogging about our cooking Ree's Egg-in-the-Hole (p. 46). This is quite possibly the simplest recipe in the book, but we'll make it as astoundingly exciting as we can.

In a land far, far away (Central Kansas), many moons ago (about three weeks) a band of weary pilgrims made their way home from their pilgrimage (church). Road-weary and starving (not really) they decided they were in great need of sustenance (low-blood sugar). They had heard of a legendary food that could fill 'em up real good. This mystical dish was known as Egg-in-the-Hole.

Back to reality. Egg-in-the-Hole is a good and fast meal, especially if you're a fan of fried eggs. Oddly enough, Lou and Jo are not fans of fried eggs, but our husbands are. Isn't that fun? Husbands used in the plural. Woot.

We started by melting butter in the skillet. Then we used a mason jar to cut a hole in the bread.

We placed the bread in the buttered skillet, allowing the bread to soak up some of the butter. We cracked one egg, dropping it into the hole in the bread.

We waited until the underside of the egg was fully cooked, then flipped the bread and egg to the other side.

Once the second side finished cooking, we plated it and topped the Egg-in-the-Hole with shredded cheddar cheese.

Mr. Fabuful enjoyed his good, quick lunch. Uncle He-Man enjoyed the Hole minus the bread, as he is doing a low-carb regimen.

Happily full,


  1. We call these Egg in a Frame. We butter both sides of the bread, cut out a square - which doesn't go to waste. The egg goes into the frame and the square is also in the pan, crisping up like toasted cheese sandwichs. Flip it and 'toast' some more. The toasted square is used to mop up the egg.