Friday, February 3, 2012

Roasted Corny-ness

With the extra-mild winter weather we've been experiencing, our men had the itch to smoke some meat. So they did. Uncle He-Man and Lou brought some baby back ribs to share. Mmm...tasty.

The task left to Lou and Jo was to decide on what dishes to serve along with the wonderful ribs. We decided upon Katie's Roasted Corn Salad (p. 26).

Since the grill was being occupied by the ribs (Hallelujah! - corny style), we began by roasting our corn on the broiler pan in the oven. It was prepared with olive oil and roasted for approximately 10 minutes.

Next we sliced red onion, red bell pepper and yellow squash. These were prepared for roasting, with olive oil, just as the corn was.

We sliced two roma tomatoes while the veggies were roasting.

Next we made our dressing. We mixed oil and balsamic vinegar.

We cut basil leaves - chiffonade style (we were wearing our fancy pants). This is done by rolling a stack of basil leaves length-wise, slicing the leaves width-wise to form long strips. See? We really were wearing our fancy pants.

To the dressing we added salt and minced garlic. All the ingredients were whisked together.

We sliced the corn kernels off the cobs.

We diced the remaining vegetables.

Once these were combined, we drizzled the dressing over the mixture. This was thoroughly folded into the salad.

We chilled the salad for a short time, allowing the flavors to mingle and marry. Katie's Roasted Corn Salad is good by itself or served with tortilla chips.

Happily full,

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  1. What a great looking dish. I even enjoyed the 'corny' comments! Ha!